Medical Jewelry

MG-BR-288 Surgical Steel Chain Medical Alert ID Bracelet

4.4/5 User Ratings

This adjustable surgical steel bracelet alerts medical personnel to your medical condition and should be worn at all times. It is eight inches long and is adjustable to fit comfortably on various wrist sizes. This medical jewelry is made from polished surgical steel and won’t irritate your skin.


  • This beautiful medical jewelry is a nice way to alert medical professionals to my medical issues.
  • It doesn’t tarnish or make my skin turn green. It doesn’t rust even if I shower with it.
  • Upon my request, my medical alerts were perfectly etched on the front and back of the bracelet for free.
  • It’s just like a pretty piece of jewelry.
  • It’s a strong and sturdy bracelet.


  • Scratches over time, which eventually makes it hard to read the alerts since they are etched and not engraved.
  • It’s hard for some users with arthritis to put on or remove the bracelet by themselves.

Black Silicone Sport Medical Alert ID Bracelet

4.6/5 User Ratings

This silicone wristband medical alert bracelet has a dual safety locking clasp and plate for engraving both in stainless steel. Designed to fit larger wrist sizes, the band is adjustable from 5.75 to 9.25 inches. You also get 5 free lines of engraving at 36 characters per line and a medical alert card in a sleeve, which you can have updated for free.


  • I have worn this for over a year, and it’s saved my life. It’s comfortable and I can wear it almost everywhere from the gym and the pool to the beach without the band getting damaged.
  • I recommend this bracelet. It’s sturdy and comfortable.
  •  You can wear it so that the alerts are concealed too, and it’s still comfortable.
  • You have to watch your email. The company will write you asking what you want engraved on the bracelet.
  • This is very comfortable, and the black engraving on the stainless steel is easy to read.


  • It can be difficult to adjust the band. It requires tools, which you have to come up with on your own.
  • One end keeps coming undone, and my child doesn’t like it when it makes his wrist get sweaty.

 MG-PN-242 Necklace With Medical Alert Pendant

4.1/5 User Ratings

The chain is made of non-allergenic stainless steel and is about 19 inches long. There is a clasp to open and close the necklace. The medical alerts are engraved on the back of the pendant/tag so it remains concealed.


  • The necklace is the perfect length. It hangs just below my neckline, so people can’t see that I’m wearing it.
  • The price and free engraving make this a great deal.
  • This is a high-quality product. The necklace is strong
  • The engraving on the pendant is easily readable.
  • The pendant has a nicely polished front and brushed back where engraving is placed.


  • The necklace is too short with no options for a longer one. It feels like I’m wearing a choker.
  • The ring to put the chain through is pretty small. Also, I don’t think the chain would hold up in rough situations, such as sports.

Diabetic Alert Tags

4.9/5 User Ratings

This set of two diabetic alert tags can be connected to any zipper, key chain or wallet. The diabetic warning is clearly visible on both sides. The tags are coated in mylar to prevent scratching and dirt buildup, so message remains readable.


  • Excellent quality and a terrific product.
  • If you are unable to alert medical professionals that you are a diabetic, then these would really help you out.
  • I love these little tags. They clipped on to my sons bag very easily and haven’t yet broken or slipped off.
  • I wanted something on me at all times that would alert people to my diabetes, and these work perfectly on my key ring and wallet.
  • These are great, and it’s nice that they aren’t in bracelet or medical jewelry form.


  • Anyone can see the alert because it’s not at all concealed.
  •  Both tags are exactly the same.