Keyboard Support Wrist Pads

Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad

4.2/5 User Ratings

The Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad is a keyboard support for your hands and wrists. Featuring GelFlex comfort zone, this product offers cushioning to combat the repetitive stress disorders suffered from long hours of typing. This item is affordable, lightweight, and boasts a distinctive WaveRest design to promote natural wrist and hand movement.


  • At a reasonable price, the Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad is an exceptionally affordable option.
  • This product offers appropriate and comfortable wrist support.
  • Several customer reviews agree that the item pairs well with angled keyboards due to the extra height it offers.
  • Covered in a non-skid material, the Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad stays firmly in place while in use.
  • Its soft material helps to preserve the finish on the desk where it is placed.


  • The most common downfalls of this product were its durability and odor. Poor construction was reported due to weak seams that often separated–leaking the internal gel material.
  • An offensive smell was also documented–described as a strong mix of rubber and paint.

CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad

4.6/5 User Ratings

The Keyboard Wrist Pad with Mouse Pad offers keyboard support for your wrists. Unlike several of its competitors, this item is made of foam–easily adjusting to the individual weight and height of your wrists. Sold at an affordable price point, this wrist pad also comes with a risk free, three year warranty.


  • For this price, customers not only receive a wrist support for their keyboard, but they also get an attachable mouse pad.
  • Many reviewers prefer the memory foam as opposed to the more common gel material.
  • Fitting easily into any keyboard tray, this item is praised for alleviating wrist pain and helping to prevent carpal tunnel damage.
  • The Keyboard Wrist Pad with Mouse Pad comes with a three year warranty.
  • Customers report satisfaction with the responsible and attentive seller.


  • Reported issues revolved around durability and packaging–specifically discoloring, weak seams, and visible wear.
  • Some reviews describe poor shipping conditions where the product appears to be stuffed into a small box–causing it to be misshapen upon delivery.

CushionCare CC002 Keyboard Wrist Pad

4.5/5 User Ratings

The CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad is a keyboard support that includes a complimentary mouse pad. Featuring a three year warranty, this item is an affordable option for customers looking for more wrist cushioning at their computers. This product is made of a premium quality foam that is both lightweight and durable.


  • The CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad sells for a bargain price for memory foam support.
  • Customers appreciate the sleek, professional look of this wrist pad.
  • It is also found to be easy to clean–a simple wipe of the material restores it to looking like new.
  • This item is extremely comfortable for those looking to spend long hours typing.
  • Memory foam helps to maintain proper ergonomic alignment.


  • Downsides revolved around size and durability of the foam. This item only pairs with mid-sized keyboards or standard sized keyboards–excluding customers with larger or curved keyboards.
  • The padding reportedly deflates under the weight of the wrists after several hours of work.

Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest

4.4/5 User Ratings

The Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest is one of the best keyboard support products on the market. Its memory foam material quickly conforms to the weight and shape of individual wrists without deflating during use. It retains body heat for improved circulation–reducing numbness. A non-skid backing keeps the item firmly in place during use.

  • The Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest tops the list for best keyboard support.
  • Covered in a soft and comfortable fabric, users appreciated the next-to-skin comfort.
  • This product also features a non-skid underside for stability while in use.
  • Customers also applaud the durability of this item–agreeing that the supportive foam withstands prolonged weight to relieve wrist pressure.
  • This is also one of the few keyboard pads that proves to be durable according to customer reviews.


  • A common regret for this item is that it is only offered in a straight shape.
  • Customers thought it also felt a bit too narrow.