Best Personal Lightning Detectors

AcuRite 02020 Portable Lightning Detector

3.9/5 User Ratings

The AcuRite 02020 Portable Lightning Detector is an exceptionally affordable piece of equipment. Boasting a 25 mile detection radius, this item also features text alerts, an audible alarm, and a warning light. Complete with a one year warranty, this device is functional and priced to sell.


  • Convenience and affordability stand as two of the biggest selling points for this product–making this a customer favorite for best lightning detector.
  • Customers not only appreciated the portable size, but they also liked the sturdy clip for easy attachment to clothing and backpacks.
  • The AcuRite 02020 provided accurate distance measurements for users–an important factor for safety.
  • With a loud alarm alert, it was universally appreciated that this device comes with a mute feature.
  • This item proves to be reliable even in the face of pop-up storms, offering peace of mind to its users.


  • Several reviews suggest that this device’s sensitivity causes it to sound false alarms for cell phones, light switches, and even vacuum cleaners.
  • Although advertised as an indoor/outdoor resource, accuracy reports suggest that it is best used outdoors.

Xtreme Research Skyscan Lightning/Storm Detector

4.0/5 User Ratings

The Xtreme Research Skyscan Lightning/Storm Detector features a 40 mile lightning detection radius. Although it is one of the more expensive models available it offers a reliable distance reading of how far you are from the actual lightning strike. This product is made of strong ABS plastic and takes two 9V batteries.


  • Reliability was a strong selling point for this item. Customers found that they could depend on its sensitivity to warn them of impending storms.
  • Ease of use makes this detector an excellent choice for families. Several reviewers stated that even their children could operate the device, making it a wonderful aid in the education of severe weather.
  • The Xtreme Research Skyscan Lightning/Storm Detector features strong battery life– important for long trips outside.
  • While this product is a bit larger than others in its category, it is often seen as convenient for backpacks and tabletop locations.
  • The fifteen second, continuous alarm alert ensures that users don’t miss a warning.


  • The most frequent complaint about this product was its sensitivity. Users found that it was not only triggered by lightning, but it was also set off by the opening and closing of car doors or the entering and exiting of buildings.
  • Some reports also suggested that this item was only about 50-60% accurate.

StrikeAlert II Personal Lightning Detector Pager

4.1/5 User Ratings

StrikeAlert II Personal Lightning Detector Pager provides a broad 40 mile detection radius. This pager is a convenient size, features a strong clip for portability, and runs on two AA batteries. This detector is affordable and reliable.

  • Customers happily find this item to be convenient in size and affordability, making it a contender for best lightning detector.
  • With a well-lit, easy to read display, this device is ideal for boating, soccer games, and any other outdoor activity.
  • The StrikeAlert II Personal Lightning Detector Pager can be set to silent while a red alert light remains. This feature is a strong selling point among buyers.
  • Reviewers enjoy being able to clip this small pager directly onto their belts or backpacks while on the go.
  • In addition to alerting users to nearby lightning strikes, this detector also specifies whether the storm is approaching or departing. This unique feature elevates the StrikeAlert II Detector to the top of the list for best lightning detector.


  • Some reviews suggested that the construction was not as durable as expected.
  • Battery life was often criticized as being too short.