Best Nap Zapper

The road can be a dangerous place. It’s easy enough to stop using phones and mobile devices, but what about sleepy drivers? In the quest for the best nap zapper, here are some choices:

Nap Zapper Anti-Sleep Alarm by Generic

The Nap Zapper Anti-Sleep Alarm is worn behind the ear and can be adjusted to allow for different head-tilt positions depending on the normal position of the head. The loud alarm will make sure its wearer wakes up when the head tilts past the set point. The Nap Zapper’s position over the ear of the wearer ensures that the alarm does its job when the time comes. The adjustable tilt-point eliminates false alarms, which otherwise might be caused by differences in head position between drivers. The size of this alarm makes it easy to carry in a pocket when not needed, and keeps it at the ready when needed. From the living room to the car, the Nap Zapper is there to save lives and marriages.

Unfortunately, the alarm only protects against forward or backward head-tilting and doesn’t go off when the head tilts sideways. The tilt sensor contains liquid mercury and may prevent environmental concerns when disposed of.

Alertme Lifesaver Alert

The Alertme Lifesaver Alert Driver Alertness System is a stylish, lightweight device, also worn behind the ear and sounds an alarm when its wearer’s head nods. The sleek and stylish unit is about the same size as a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Unlike some similar devices, the Alertme fits great with glasses and is adjustable to almost any size ear. For the environmentally conscious, the Alertme does its job with a chip and without using hazardous mercury. The loud, 90 decibel alarm is sure to wake up the most stubborn sleeper, and the ergonomic design ensures comfortable wearing for long distance drives. If it’s not comfortable, it probably won’t be worn and won’t be there to save a life.

Although the alarm is sufficient to wake most sleepers, it isn’t adjustable. Some drivers might be startled and overreact. Even though the device is fairly easy to use, there weren’t enough detailed instructions. This might be an issue for the less tech-savvy.

LGI Driver Fatigue Alarm

The LGI Driver Fatigue Alarm sits behind the ear like many other alertness devices, and features rechargeable batteries plus multiple alert types.

Since not everybody reacts the same to a loud noise right next to the ear, the LGI Driver Fatigue Alarm offers three different types of alertness alarm. The wearer can choose to be warned of impending sleep by a loud beep, vibration, or a combination of beeping and vibration. The vibration only is a favorite of the TV watcher who denies nodding off, since the alert won’t notify everybody in the room. Rechargeable batteries and mercury-free construction both help the environment and help reduce waste.

Some might find the fit a bit snug, and the alarm might be a bit sensitive in some cases. Depending on your specific needs, the rechargeable batteries might just make this LGI the best nap zapper for you.

Streetwise Nap Zapper

The Streetwise Nap Zapper joins the family of over-the-ear alertness alarms and does about the same thing the others do, which is hide quietly behind the ear, and wake up its wearer when the head starts to nod.
For those who want variety from their sleep alerter, the Streetwise offers vibration or a beeping tone alarm. Although the batteries aren’t rechargeable, the Streetwise comes with a set and they are easily replaced. The adjustability of this device makes for comfortable wearing and a sense of security knowing it’s there.

Unlike many similar products the Streetwise doesn’t seem to be adjustable for different degrees of head tilting and may not be sensitive enough for some. Others might find the process of battery replacement somewhat daunting, since it involves small, eyeglasses-type screws and small batteries.