Best Cell Phone Stun-Gun

Terminator SGCPMC-90,000,000 V Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun

3.6/5 User Ratings

This model stun-gun is in the form of a smartphone. It comes with a long-lasting battery and delivers high voltage to an attacker. This disrupts the attacker’s neural signals, causing him to lose balance & coordination, all while being non-fatal.

This particular model is great for concealment, as it looks just like a normal smartphone. It is small yet powerful enough to stop any attacker. This stun-gun even comes with a bright light to blind an assailant. This can be used to prevent an attack or to escape from an attacker who has started a physical confrontation. The long lasting battery means that recharging doesn’t need to be done frequently, and the item also comes with a life-time replacement warranty. It may be the Best cell phone stun gun.

This product does have a few drawbacks, however, such as the lack of a safety feature to prevent unwanted discharges. Secondly, the actual stun-mechanism is very loud, which may draw unwanted attention.

Guard Dog Security Hotline Cell Phone Stun Gun

3.9/5 User Ratings

This stun-gun model resembles a non-smartphone mobile device and is small, lightweight, powerful, and safe. It comes with a clip for easy carrying and has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. It can be recharged, and can be used quickly in the event of an attack.

This particular stun gun has numerous advantages. It is good for concealment, as it is very small and would be mistaken for a cell phone. It is also safer than most stun-guns, as it comes with a switch that prevents accidents, while also being easily used in the case of an emergency.

This stun-gun can be recharged, which allows it to be used over the long-term. In addition to this, its design allows for easy carrying, as it has a clip that can be attached to one’s person and comes with a leather case for temporary storage. In summation, this stun-gun has everything that one would come to expect from the best cell phone stun gun.

However, because of the stun-gun’s resemblance of an older cell phone, it is possible that an attacker may realize its nature, eliminating the advantage of concealment. The stun-gun also emits a voltage that is lower than other stun guns on the market, though enough to paralyze any attacker.

Guard Dog Security iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun

4.1/5 User Ratings

This stun-gun resembles an iPhone and delivers 3,800,000 volts to an assailant. It comes equipped with a LED flashlight and has both a clip for easy carrying, and a safety feature to prevent accidental discharges. In addition to this, the stun-gun comes with a leather case and a rechargeable battery.

This stun-gun has many positive features, such as: the LED light that is bright enough to be used as a full-fledged flashlight, the strong voltage output that will knock out most assailants the first time, the clip that allows for easy transport, the leather case that is great for temporary storage, the ability to keep the device concealed since it resembles an iPhone.

This item has some disadvantages also, such as the lower voltage output (compared to some models on the market) and the size, which may not appeal to some consumers.

Terminator SGCPB-89,000,000 Stun Gun

3.9/5 User Ratings

This stun-gun looks like a recent model of an iPhone with a case attached to it. It is high powered – outputting 89,000,000 volts – and has a built-in LED light that can blind an assailant in order to stop an attack from taking place.

Since this stun-gun can easily be concealed as a cell phone, an attacker may open himself up to a debilitating stun from this item. The LED light also helps to both blind an attacker, and to assist the user to see in dark places. The powerful voltage output is one of the strongest among all of the stun-guns on the market, and the long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures that the stun-gun doesn’t need to be charged very often.

This item, however, may come up short in outputting the voltage that is promised, and the design of the grips may result in the user accidentally being stunned.