Bed Chair Alarm Reviews

Smart Caregiver Bed Alarm and Sensor Pad

3.8/5 User Ratings

This bed/chair alarm and sensor pad combination is designed for the comfort of the patient and ease of use for the caregiver. The pad is placed underneath the patient. When they rise out of bed, the alert one bed chair alarm sounds automatically. It can be powered by battery or by an AC adapter.


  • This bed chair alarm is simple to operate. It can be placed under a patient’s back or shoulders and the alarm will sound when they rise.
  • The foam interior provides a comfortable experience and the pad is sealed to protect the materials against incontinence.
  • Its reset button is easily displayed to turn the alarm off.
  • The alarm’s volume is adjustable.
  • There are three different alarms to choose from.


  • The alarm is not always loud enough to hear from another room. The caretaker must be relatively close to hear it.
  • Moving while in bed sometimes sets off the pad’s reset alarm.

Wireless (Cordfree) Bed Alarm and Bed Pad/no Alarm in Patient’s Room

4.3/5 User Ratings

This bed/chair alarm is wireless. It operates at a range of up to 100ft away from the wireless sensor pad. It is made of soft vinyl which is easy to clean off and incontinence-resistant. The alarm and pad run on batteries or a separately-purchased AC adapter.


  • The portable alarm can be carried by the caretaker so it can be heard several rooms away from the patient.
  • The pad is comfortable and unobtrusive in bed.
  • If weight is added back onto the pad, the alarm stops sounding.
  • The portable alarm has a switch to turn it off manually.
  • There are no lights or sounds on the sensor pad, so the patient will not be disturbed.


  • The sensor pad must be adjusted to have enough weight on it. If it does not, it can sound false alarms or reset itself.
  • The pad has a limited lifespan of around 45 days.

Syrtenty Chair Alarm and Sensor Pad

3.6/5 User Ratings

This bed chair alarm is made from antimicrobial materials which help stop the growth of bacteria. It contains two volume options. There is also an option to change the alarm noise to a musical alert. It plays to the theme of “It’s a Small World”.


  • The alert one bed chair alarm is loud enough to be heard from several rooms away.
  • The alarm unit has a clip which can be mounted on furniture or a wall within the patient’s room.
  • Adhesive squares and screws, which are included with the pad, make it easy to mount it on a chair or use it in a bed.
  • It runs on batteries so it can be taken outside.
  • It is made of easily-cleaned materials.


  • The volume control options are limited. The alarm is loud enough to disturb others nearby.
  • Only a short length of cord connects the pad and alarm unit.

Smart Caregiver Cordless Alarm and Pads

4.6/5 User Ratings

The alarm unit and sensor pads work on a wireless system. The caretaker can keep the alarm unit with them in another room while the patient remains with the pad. Absorbent materials protect the pads from incontinence and leave the patient comfortable. It includes a bed pad and a chair pad.


  • The portable alarm allows the caretaker to be up to 100ft away from the patient.
  • It has a range of volume control options to best meet the caretaker’s preference.
  • The absorbent, waterproof materials of the pads help keep beds and chairs dry.
  • Free of dyes and other irritants, the pads are gentle on skin.
  • Batteries allow the alarm to be taken outside. It can be powered with an AC adapter indoors.


  • The pad sometimes stops working after several months of use.
  • Even on the lowest volume setting, the alarm is quite loud.