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Best Fire Extinguisher for Car – Top 5 Products in 2017 Reviewed

When it comes to having a car, there are a few things you should consider before heading out on the road. One of the more important things is a fire extinguisher. Just as you need a fire extinguisher for your home, you should also have one for your car. It is quite simple to find […]

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Best Nap Zapper

The road can be a dangerous place. It’s easy enough to stop using phones and mobile devices, but what about sleepy drivers? In the quest for the best nap zapper, here are some choices: Nap Zapper Anti-Sleep Alarm by Generic The Nap Zapper Anti-Sleep Alarm is worn behind the ear and can be adjusted to […]

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6 Best Car Alarms on the Market in 2016

Why invest in a car alarm? Primarily to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle loss, increased insurance costs, and general inconvenience. Statistically, most car thefts in the US occur from owner negligence. That is, leaving the keys in the vehicle and/or the vehicle unlocked A 2013 FBI nationwide survey found that one-third of car owners […]

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