Alert One Dialer Reviews

Using an Alert One dialer is simple, and can be lifesaving when you have an emergency. Choosing the right dialer is an important step. These three alert systems each have unique features so you can choose an Alert One dialer option that fits your personal needs perfectly.

NextAlert Cellular Medical Alert System

3.3/5 User Ratings

The NextAlert system automatically dials 911 with the press of a button for easy access to emergency services without a monthly contract or regular fees. The included pendant is waterproof and lightweight so you can easily forget you are wearing it when you don’t need it, and the pendant is a stand-alone system that doesn’t require a home phone connection. This mobile phone-style system also has the benefit of using 2G towers to connect to 911, offering you a wider, more reliable coverage area than most new mobile phone systems offer.

The NextAlert does have drawbacks, including quiet speakers that make it harder to hear the 911 operator. Customer support is also unavailable, but this drawback is easy to overcome by experimenting with the system. Overall, this simple system is ideal for seniors who want the security of being able to contact emergency services easily without the cost of a home phone service.

Life Link Medical Alert System

3.6/5 User Ratings

This wireless medical alert system includes both a bracelet and a pendant, offering you the freedom to choose which device to wear. This system is also waterproof, allowing you to wear your device in the shower. The most notable benefit of choosing this system is the ability to prerecord a message, which the system automatically sends to your emergency contacts until the message is received. You can also talk to your contact if you are near the base, and 2-way calling is available so you can call 911 while you stay on the line with your contact.

However, it is important to note that the device does occasionally recognize answering machines as a received message, which can significantly delay emergency services. You also need a home phone line, which can be a drawback for those who use mobile phones at home, or for those who live on a tight budget. However, This system is user-friendly and installs quickly by following the included instructions.

Life Link Response LLR-300 Medical Alert System

4.7/5 User Ratings

Like the other medical alert systems, this system is waterproof and wireless for improved safety anywhere in your home. This device also offers you the ability to call a friend or family member using the pendant, allowing you to contact help easily during a minor emergency that doesn’t require 911 services. The 911-forwarding system is reassuring benefit. This feature allows the person you contact to dial 911 without hanging up, so you always have someone on the line.

While this medical alert system does have improved communication capabilities, the pendant is a little bulkier than those included with some systems. The pendant battery also needs to be changed every six months for proper operation. Overall, this alert system is an affordable option that doesn’t require a contract or fees, making it a flexible, affordable option for those on a budget.