Advantages of Convertible Car Seat

Advantages of Convertible Car Seat

Are you confused if a convertible car seat is perfect for your baby? The truth is that these seats come forth with a couple of advantages. The greatest advantage is that you will be in a position to carry your baby in your car in the most convenient way. The seat is usually installed in the rear part of the car and the baby fitted in it. You can therefore travel for long distances with your baby.

Below are some of the benefits of buying the best convertible car seat for your baby:

Easy To Install

In most cases, convertible car seats are designed in a way that they can be easily installed. It will actually take you few minutes to have the seat fitted in place. This means that you can remove the seat in case you are not travelling with the baby and re-install it when need be.

Small In Size

Convertible car seats usually come in small sizes though enough to fit babies. Their small nature is actually an advantage since it will not consume a lot of space in the rear part of your car. You can still travel with other people without any space problem. You will only require fitting the seat in the middle position and leave side spaces for other family members.


It is only natural that the baby’s safety comes as the first priority for parents. The good thing about a convertible car seat is that it is completely safe for your baby. The seat comes with padded belts which hold the baby in position. This is important in protecting the baby from strong impacts and wavy movements.

Suitable For Older Babies

Convertible car seats are considered the best for older babies. This is because older babies tend to be vigorous and will want to move up and down all the time which is not safe when travelling. The seat ensures that the baby remains in one position all through the journey.

Tot On Board is an amazing resource which provides you reviews on various products and helps you select the best one for your needs and safe for your kids.

What is a Baby Monitor?

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is an electronic device that allows parents keep track of their children in a different location. The device is made in a way that it provides parents with signals on their babies’ condition. Basically, a baby monitor is made of a transmitter and a receiver to allow communication from the side of the parent and that of the baby. You need the best baby monitor for your child’s safety and before getting one, you should know more about these devices.

However, technology has really advanced and new models of baby monitors have been made available in the market. Currently, it is possible to track your baby with a monitor which has a video function. Modern models have the capacity to provide parents with clear images of their babies. This is an added advantage as compared to audio monitors.

With a baby monitor, it is possible to interact with your baby from different locations. This is because most baby monitors come with a microphone and speakers in both ends. The microphone receives the sound from one side and transmits it to the other end. You can therefore talk to your baby without necessarily moving to their room.

It is also important to note that baby monitors have the capacity to send and receive transmissions from a remarkably long distance. As a matter of fact, some monitors are wireless and Bluetooth enabled. You can therefore connect them with your mobile device and monitor your baby form a long distance. You can even go to work and still keep track of your baby.

The most vital role that a baby monitor plays is to provide security signals to parents. In this regard you will be in a position to know when you baby is not in the right condition hence take measures accordingly. For instance, some monitors have the feature that measures the humidity and temperature of the baby’s room. You get instant alerts when the room environment is not conducive for your baby.

According to Watch My Tot, you can categorize these devices into 4 categories which are audio, video, wi-fi, iPhone based monitors.

Baby monitor is an essential device for SIDS prevention, as approved by FDA, and you should invest in one.