5 Best Toys for Baby Boys

88As babies grow, they themselves develop liking for certain things. One of the most important things for babies is their toys. Babies are extremely indulged in playing, sleeping and eating. Keeping babies busy is one big task. The choice in toys differs according to the gender of the baby. Baby girls are deeply fascinated with dolls, stuffed toys, etc. However, baby boys are very selective about their choice of toys. They are more inclined in active toys like speeding cars, ride on, sporty toys, etc.

Here are some toys that would interest your baby boy –

1. Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Music and sounds always entice children. They get them into joyful mood. The toy comes as a set which is made up in the form of a farm or a barn. In the farm, babies would find toy animals, sheds, and figures with sounds. There are different switches in the set which when pressed create sounds of different animals and surroundings those similar to a real farm. These farm sets can be found with many varieties, sizes and prices. Many good brand toy companies make these kinds of toys.

2. Musical Toys like Guitar

Good music is welcome to one and all. So is it for baby boys. They often get attracted to musical instruments like guitar, drums or then keyboards. Mostly these musical instruments have various nursery rhymes and Lula bys installed in them which fascinate the young ones. In fact many guitars have metallic, rock, soft tunes as well.

3. Remote Control Cars/ battery operated Cars

A remote controlled car or then a battery operated car is all time favorite for a boy. The speed, the style, the model, the light and sound all fascinates them. Majority of the houses with baby boys would have an array of toy cars of different models. In fact the more the speed of the car more fun they have.

4. Ride on – Electric Scooters

Electric scooters greatly fascinate baby boys. Boys have a liking for these scooters because of their electric property. It’s fun to see them enjoy over these electric scooters. What more? Electric scooters with seats for kids are automated rides which can take the baby on a joy ride by just pressing the start button. It is very convenient for the parents to take them around the neighborhood, gardens or then other such places on these electric scooters.

5. Baby Blocks

Blocks are also very much preferred when it comes to taking toys for baby boys. Boys generally are fond of activities like building, creating, and exploring something new and interesting. Blocks are a good way of boosting this hobby of the baby. These blocks come in various sizes, material, shapes and colors. Babies like making towers and then crashing them down. For little babies there are even clothe made blocks or soft blocks which are very safe for them to play with.

Toys are always a welcome for the baby. Whatever toy the parents introduce, they should make sure that those are safe for baby to handle. The toys mentioned above are sure to make your babies roar with laughter when they play with them.

Essential things while going out with the baby

23Escaping out with family by breaking off from busy schedule is a great idea. But when the members of the family count a baby too, then care has to be taken. Especially when moving out, a baby needs extra attention and care. Even if it’s just going out for a long drive or shopping, it becomes essential for parents to ensure an extra care of their baby. It is essential to learn about essential things that need to be carried by parents or guardians while they are moving out with their baby.

Pram/ baby carriers – Prams or baby carriers are very helpful when moving out with baby. It keeps the baby close to the guardian; thus keeping them unoccupied. It does not cause any discomfort neither to the baby nor to the guardian. It allows carrying the baby with ease to roam about freely. But before buying any such piece, it is important to check its quality. The quality of baby carriers ensures the level of comfort to be availed by baby. For more info on baby carriers visit Best Baby Carrier Reviews of 2014 – Katherine Rosman.

Nutriments – Babies cannot stay hungry for longer durations. They need to be fed at frequent intervals. Therefore it is very important that some good nutriments and milk should be carried along. Whenever the baby is hungry then he can be fed with these nutriments which are healthy for them.
Along with nutriments, parents should carry a bottle of water for their baby.

Set of diapers and napkins – Hygiene is one major concern for the babies. Frequent replacement of their diapers with the new ones would keep them happy and healthy. Apart from this, set of clean napkins and a pair of garments should be carried along.

A toy or two – Keeping a soft toy or two would keep the baby busy and not let him get bored. The toys of baby should be soft, harmless and attractive in order to prevent them from any unpredictable injury.

Basic medications – Babies are fragile. They are more prone to the seasonal variations and outside environment. For this reason, it becomes mandatory that basic medications should be taken along. These may include the syrups prescribed by the doctor for the baby, cotton, bandage etc.
According to the weather outside some extra clothing can also be taken.

Baby monitorBaby monitor has become an essential device for every parent. It is a device that is used to listen to the sounds made by a baby. This can help monitor a baby remotely when moving out.


It is very essential to take baby in the outdoors in order to give them changes from those prolonged hours spend in indoor. A day out with one’s baby is indeed a great way of giving a change to baby as well as oneself. Hence, parents should also ensure to check every item mentioned in their checklist.

Safe Usage of Headphones

A study carried out on 9,000 girls to determine the long term effects of headphone use on individuals showed that all but one of the volunteers who reported tinnitus used a headphone. These statistics have brought about the need for better and safer ways to use headphones.

Maximum Volume Level

Maximum Volume Level

Maximum Listening Time Per Day

Maximum Listening Time Per Day

The following outlines how to use headphones safely:

  1. Find a pair of quality headphones: Don’t invest in a cheap pair of headphones as they may harm your ear drums. Pick a pair of active noise cancelling headphones in order to reduce unwanted noise. Just put these headphones over the ears without listening to the music and get rid of any unwanted noise.
  2. Fit your headphones with a volume limiter: In order to reduce your chances of developing hearing problems, especially for the avid music fan, it is advised that you use specialized limiting equipment such as the Macks EarSaver that is easily available in many retail shops.
  3. Regulate the power of the equipment that the headphones are connected to: Music players are only as loud as the power they receive. When your player is not able to get enough power to blast your eardrums, then it won’t.
  4. If your hearing is normal, then try and see if you can be able to hear a normal conversation in a room over the music you are listening to on your headphones. If you find that you have to turn down, mute or completely turn off the music player just to hear whatever is being said, then the music on your player is definitely too loud for your eardrums.
  5. Get a music player with an in-built volume limiter: A number of music players in the market today come with an in-built volume limiting function. However, in case you purchased a player without a volume limiter, then you can shop around for a pair of volume-limiting headphones to get the job done.
  6. If you find yourself frequently in noisy places such as bus stops, subway stations and restaurants, then you should consider using your headphones for only short periods of time. This will help you resist the temptation to turn them up in order to drawn the noise.
  7. If you are concerned that your hearing ability may be deteriorating, then it is advisable to see an audiologist, have your hearing tested and see what the doctor recommends. Continued exposure to noise may make an already present hearing problem deteriorate faster.
  8. Limit the amount of time you spend listening to music on your headphones. Ensure that you do not listen to music that is louder than 90 decibels for more than two hours a day; it would be better to aim for less than 90 decibels if you intend to listen to music for more than 2 hours a day on your headphones.
  9. If you find yourself feeling like people’s speech seems to sound more and more like mumbling, and domestic sounds like the refrigerator or air conditioning drowning all other sounds in the area, then the best thing to do would be to stop using your headphones and get your hearing checked by a specialist.

Different headphone models offer varying sound qualities, in the end your hearing’s safety may just depend on the type or model you choose. Go for a pair of headphones that have received a considerable amount of positive reviews from audiologists on the internet. You should also read user reviews from trusted online resources like www.headyo.com as you can find thorough and in-depth resources, pros & cons of various products and brands.

Top 3 Double Strollers And Their Amazing Features

Babies are always a delight to anyone that is blessed to have them and this is simply because they are so cute, innocent and are bundles of joy. Twin babies can therefore be said to be double bundles of joy because the joy comes in a double package deal. When a woman is pregnant there is the knowing that this little bundle of joy is to be born and after its birth there will be a need to shower love and attention on the baby. One of the ways of showing affection to a baby is by taking the baby out for walks and this can be achieved by putting the baby on a stroller while taking him or her on a walk.

Strollers are very good for taking babies out for walks and even if you are blessed with a set of twins, there are also double strollers that can be used by you while taking your cute babies out for a walk. There is a need for you to be armed with sufficient knowledge of the double strollers that are the best for you and your babies’ just before you go shopping for double strollers.

Top 3 Double Strollers

This is a guide on the 3 best double strollers and their features that are available for you to choose from. The following is a list of double strollers that can be rated to be among the top 3 and some of their features:

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

Graco Duo Glider Double StrollerThis is one of the best double strollers that can be used by a mother for her babies as it has the following as some of its features;

  • One of its notable features is the fact that it has a very “roomy basket” under the stroller for storage purposes.
  • Another of its features is that its side by side seats can be reclined to whatever position that suits you.
  • It also has a canopy that is designed to be very protective for your baby against the sun and so on.
  • It can be easily maneuvered while you are out for a stroll with your babies.
  • It can be stored conveniently without any form of stress on your part.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Bob Revolution SE Double StrollerSome of the basic features for this stroller are as follows:

  • It has suspensions designed into the double stroller and this makes riding on this stroller very easy and the pivot wheels also makes the steering of the stroller very easy.
  • The seats are designed to be reclining in nature and they are well cushioned while the head rest is well padded to give your babies all the comfort that is needed by them.
  • The chromoly and aluminium alloy material used in making the frames of the double stroller makes it very light and easy to fold.
  • The last of the features that will be mentioned here is the fabric of the stroller which is very easy to clean, durable, waterproof and resistant to stain.

City Mini GT Double Stroller

City Mini GT Double StrollerThis stroller has the following as some of its basic features:

  • The handle bar is adjustable and this can be a delight as you get to adjust the bar to make it more comfortable for you.
  • The seats are designed in a reclining form with canopies that will help protect your babies.
  • There is a basket under the seat that is convenient for storage facilities.
  • It is easy to fold as the folding is just a one step process and it is compact.

You can now go ahead and choose any of the double strollers mentioned above for all the pleasure and comfort that is deserved by you and your babies while out for a walk.

Advantages of Convertible Car Seat

Advantages of Convertible Car Seat

Are you confused if a convertible car seat is perfect for your baby? The truth is that these seats come forth with a couple of advantages. The greatest advantage is that you will be in a position to carry your baby in your car in the most convenient way. The seat is usually installed in the rear part of the car and the baby fitted in it. You can therefore travel for long distances with your baby.

Below are some of the benefits of buying the best convertible car seat for your baby:

Easy To Install

In most cases, convertible car seats are designed in a way that they can be easily installed. It will actually take you few minutes to have the seat fitted in place. This means that you can remove the seat in case you are not travelling with the baby and re-install it when need be.

Small In Size

Convertible car seats usually come in small sizes though enough to fit babies. Their small nature is actually an advantage since it will not consume a lot of space in the rear part of your car. You can still travel with other people without any space problem. You will only require fitting the seat in the middle position and leave side spaces for other family members.


It is only natural that the baby’s safety comes as the first priority for parents. The good thing about a convertible car seat is that it is completely safe for your baby. The seat comes with padded belts which hold the baby in position. This is important in protecting the baby from strong impacts and wavy movements.

Suitable For Older Babies

Convertible car seats are considered the best for older babies. This is because older babies tend to be vigorous and will want to move up and down all the time which is not safe when travelling. The seat ensures that the baby remains in one position all through the journey.

Tot On Board is an amazing resource which provides you reviews on various products and helps you select the best one for your needs and safe for your kids.

What is a Baby Monitor?

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is an electronic device that allows parents keep track of their children in a different location. The device is made in a way that it provides parents with signals on their babies’ condition. Basically, a baby monitor is made of a transmitter and a receiver to allow communication from the side of the parent and that of the baby. You need the best baby monitor for your child’s safety and before getting one, you should know more about these devices.

However, technology has really advanced and new models of baby monitors have been made available in the market. Currently, it is possible to track your baby with a monitor which has a video function. Modern models have the capacity to provide parents with clear images of their babies. This is an added advantage as compared to audio monitors.

With a baby monitor, it is possible to interact with your baby from different locations. This is because most baby monitors come with a microphone and speakers in both ends. The microphone receives the sound from one side and transmits it to the other end. You can therefore talk to your baby without necessarily moving to their room.

It is also important to note that baby monitors have the capacity to send and receive transmissions from a remarkably long distance. As a matter of fact, some monitors are wireless and Bluetooth enabled. You can therefore connect them with your mobile device and monitor your baby form a long distance. You can even go to work and still keep track of your baby.

The most vital role that a baby monitor plays is to provide security signals to parents. In this regard you will be in a position to know when you baby is not in the right condition hence take measures accordingly. For instance, some monitors have the feature that measures the humidity and temperature of the baby’s room. You get instant alerts when the room environment is not conducive for your baby.

According to Watch My Tot, you can categorize these devices into 4 categories which are audio, video, wi-fi, iPhone based monitors.

Baby monitor is an essential device for SIDS prevention, as approved by FDA, and you should invest in one.